{automotive} Last weekend I (Desmond) went to Speedweek while Antonia went to Switzerland (two slightly different places). I loved it! It started off on Friday morning at 3AM where I pointed the nose of my Africa Twin in a northern direction with a couple of other mates. One hour later my bike had an engine failure and retired in a garage on the West-Coast where I waited for a friend (Tyrone Bradley) to pick me up. We eventually arrived at Speedweek the next day at 2AM.

The next morning when I zipped open my tent and I had my first look over this salt pan it blew me away. It took me an hour or two to get to terms with all the V8’s and Porsches around me. A cool thing was that I didn’t go there for an assignment. This meant that I could shoot for ME with my own style. Loved it.

Dust clouds hanging in the air everywhere as the guys drift around.


Speedweek 6022

The next few pics was taken with the camera on a tri-pod and everytime something interesting came past I released the trigger while sipping on my beer. Yes, that is a flat tyre on this merc. Drifting is fun.

Speedweek 6108

Speedweek 6105

Speedweek 6104

Speedweek 6098

Speedweek 6096

Speedweek 6093

Speedweek 6090

Speedweek 6086

Speedweek 6085

Speedweek 6080

Speedweek 6068

Speedweek 6070

Speedweek 6060

Speedweek 6063

This is my mate Michael, he built this bike, a Honda CB400F 1975 especially for the weekend and his goal was to reach the 160km/h (100miles/h). he reached 89km/h due to a faulty carburettors.

Speedweek 6037

Speedweek 6113

Speedweek 6038

Speedweek 6034

Speedweek 6049

I simply love this Porsche, the two guys who drove it where also awesome!

Speedweek 6032

Speedweek 6035

Speedweek 6040
Speedweek 6043

Speedweek 6041

The beloved Porsche broke down more than five times…
Speedweek 6039

Speedweek 6027

Oom Fanie was such a character. Every now and then he would join our camp for a beer and tell us some stories. His bakkie (Ford F250) broke down right in front of us. 5 minutes later a fan belt was replaced and off he went.

Speedweek 6021

Speedweek 6118

Speedweek 6122-2

If there was a prize to win for the guy with the best suitable lifestyle for Speedweek, this dude would would have won. His name is Deon and he is crazy! He had a flathead V8 tow-truck and was dressed in a old overhaul with black oily hands.

Speedweek 6125

Speedweek 6128

Speedweek 6129

Speedweek 6132

Speedweek 6048

Speedweek 6135

Speedweek 6134