{news} In collaboration with Love Circus, we photographed two big lifestyle scenes for Stefanie Luxat’s new book ‘Herzlich Willkommen’ – one of a baptism, the other one of a night-wedding celebration.

It was a hot day in Berlin, it was hard work and seeing the results makes us happy and we know it was worth it. Olivia, Nicole and all the other people involved, thank y’all and well done!

Luxat_Herzlich Willkommen_final 2.jpg 1 Luxat_Herzlich_Willkommen_Gesamt_Ansicht-47.jpg 2 Luxat_Herzlich_Willkommen_Gesamt_Ansicht-48.jpg 3 Luxat_Herzlich_Willkommen_Gesamt_Ansicht-49.jpg 5 Luxat_Herzlich_Willkommen_Gesamt_Ansicht-51.jpg 7 Luxat_Herzlich_Willkommen_Gesamt_Ansicht-52.jpg