{documentary} Last night the roof blew off at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town! The Sonar festival was huge with amazing international acts.

My personal favourite: The Bloody Beetroots – so cool! I was taking the images for Sonar and Olmeca Tequila, that explains all the promotional shots. I had so much fun interacting with the peeps in the crowd. Thanks Mobile Media Mob, always a pleasure working with you! DNA – Desmond

DSC_6871.jpg 700_2240.jpg 700_2210.jpg 700_2234.jpg 700_2239.jpg 700_2058.jpg 700_2341.jpg 700_2257.jpg 700_2230.jpg 700_2336.jpg DSC_7030.jpg 700_2348.jpg 700_2351.jpg DSC_7062.jpg DSC_6889.jpg DSC_6966.jpg DSC_7065.jpg 700_2260.jpg DSC_7074.jpg DSC_7083.jpg people17588.jpg