{news} Freunde von Freunden just published their second book: Freunde von Freunden Friends book – and we are so honoured to be featured in it with the portrait we did with Gwen and Gawie Fagan.

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More about the book:

“Our second book reveals 45 uniquely inspiring stories from people and their homes: from Berlin to Beirut, Lima to L.A. and Tokyo.

Available to order in Germany now, the book is the second publication after Freunde von Freunden: Berlin, printed in 2011 by Distanz Publishing. With the new book, FvF embarks on a journey across the globe, offering unique insights into the living and working spaces of creatives around the world.


Release date: October 2014

Facts: 23 cities, 45 stories, over 400 photos, 38 photographers, foreword from Markus Peichl

Publisher: Distanz

Distributor: International / Gestalten

Language: English / German

Format: A4 / Hardcover

Pages: 336

Cities: Paris, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Lima, Antwerpen, San Francisco, New York City, Cape Town, Portland, Auckland, Mililani, Catskills, Stockholm, Beirut

Not only is diversity in career and lifestyle a constant theme of the book, but the diversity of the homes as well: a self-designed villa on the green outskirts of São Paulo is followed by a houseboat converted from an old trawler on a pier in San Francisco, or an urban oasis in the center of Japan’s bustle. The focus is on authentic stories from people and the environments they’ve created for themselves.”

Find more info over here.