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dna photographers / Cape Town, South Africa / Berlin, Germany
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Jason Bakery / Cape Town, South Africa

The past two months have been difficult for many! The saying “we’re all in this together” is only partially working for us. It’s more like: We’re all in the same storm but in different boats. There are people who lost their jobs, had to close their companies, had to take a massive pay cuts… there are others who got to keep their jobs, can still keep their business doors open… show kindness for the different boats!
And if there are businesses you love – help them out by supporting them more than ever! Because otherwise they’re the next ones announcing that they have to close. Put your money where your heart is!
🥐 A business we love is Jason Bakery [@jasonbakerycpt]- best bread and pastries in town (and further!). We got to hang with them from 4am one morning, documenting the awesome team making magic. Go support them, there are not many bakeries that make such high quality products and make Cape Town awesome!

ISUZU X-Rider Double Cab automatic / shot for ISUZU Motors South Africa / Cape Town, South Africa

[automotive] Red against blue (Cape Town sky and the sea) just works. It was wonderful driving the ISUZU X-Rider automatic. It’s a smooth city car for the bakkie lovers. These shots are for the ISUZU press kit.

Asics athlete ambassador shoot / Lenize Potgieter / Cape Town, South Africa

[commercial] Lenize Potgieter is a professional South African Netball player and just got signed with Asics. It was supposed to be a sunny shoot outside and turned out to be a moody shoot indoors, but came out awesome! The rain did stop just before sunset and we got a bit of vitamin D. Thanks to Ascis and Lenize Potgieter for being rockstars!

ISUZU X-Rider Double Cab / shot for ISUZU Motors South Africa / Cape Town, South Africa

[automotive] We love the X-Rider, it’s simple and slick. Always fun to make use of some smoke bombs, too…

Segabe / Cape Town, South Africa

[portraits] A walk through the city with cool cat Segabe. 

Cycling kits / shot for First Ascent [outdoor clothing] / Cape Town, South Africa

[commercial] First Ascent just launched three new cycling kits –  from fun to serious: Tour / Pro Elite and Podium range. It was so cool being part of the whole project – from ideas to casting to producing to the final product. Thanks to Amy and Warren and the whole team at First Ascent. We LOVE a good challenge! And how cool is it that we shot with real life cyclists? The way to go!!! Love, DNA

SAKO7 2019 kit / shot in Cape Town, South Africa

[fashion] The 2019 SAKO7 kit (socks and cycling apparel) has just been released. We had so much fun shooting it and giving it a dark-ish edit.

#WeLevitate inspired campaign for ASICS / shot in Cape Town, South Africa

[commercial] Shooting in the mother city’s concrete jungle is always 🤘. #WeLevitate inspired campaign for ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger.

Mercedes-AMG GT R, Cape Town, South Africa

[automotive] A real purist car. Shot for a private client. We’ve seen this ‘Beast of the Green Hell’ at the Nordschleife in Germany, but it’s also looking slick down here in Africa.

Ferrari 458, Cape Town, South Africa

[automotive] The Ferrari 458 is one of those Ferraris that sold very well and the reason is simple: it is beautiful. Sooo easy shooting this car. Lines for days and a car looking good at any angle.

Keurbos House by Gabriel Fagan Architects / Cape Town, South Africa

{architecture} Keurbos must be one of the most spectacular (older) houses in Cape Town! We recently photographed Keurbos House in Bishopscourt, Cape Town – the house Gawie (Gabriël) Fagan designed in 1951 for his parents. The house has been standing for 60 years and is regarded as heritage now. When we saw the house we knew this is something special. The house is not renovated, even the original kitchen is still in. The Fagans, now in their 90ies, still work every day. They are truly the most inspiring couples we have ever met. We are so glad to call them friends and are happy shooting some of their esteemed works. Have a look at their website and pick up one of their self-published books as well as click on the story we did with them years ago for Freunde von Freunden.

Zip Zap Circus / editorial shot for High Life, British Airways inflight magazine / Cape Town, South Africa

{editorial} I documented a few days in Inathi’s life as she works-eats-sleeps the circus life with Zip Zap Circus. Shot for British Airways‘ inflight magazine High Life. DNA – Desmond 

Nemiroff TVC / shot in Cape Town, South Africa

{commercial} We LOVE shooting TVCs, especially when it involves dust, fire and petrol! Nemiroff Vodka asked us to shoot their new commercial. Three days of non-stop work, an amazing experience and so many cool peeps. Have a look at the TVC over here.

Client: Nemiroff 

Production: Magai Production
Local Production: MR
Director: Noah Conopask
DOP: Garrett Davis

Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden / editorial shot for High Life, British Airways inflight magazine

{editorial} We had the opportunity to shoot the beautiful Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden filled with his powerful sculptures. Shot for High Life, British Airways’ inflight magazine, it was part of a series where we documented people working with their hands. More here. If you’re in the Stellenbosch area, this is a great place to visit with a very lovely coffee shop.

With these hands / editorial shot for High Life, British Airways inflight magazine

{editorial} ‘With these hands’ is an editorial in the current High Life (British Airways inflight magazine) on people working with their hands and their true craftsmanship. We photographed Megan Miller and the makers of Nette Rose lingerie, the distiller Eugene Coertzen of Brickmakers Distillery, Dylan Lewis’ sculptures and shoe maker S’bosh Mnikina – words by Nick Dall.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class / shot for High Life, British Airways inflight magazine

{commercial / editorial} We loved driving and shooting the new Mercedes-Benz C-class for the latest High Life, the British Airways inflight magazine. Pick up a copy on-board or in an airport lounge. It’s a top notch mag!