{news} Here are the twelve pictures I (Desmond) entered to the SAGMJ (South African Guild of Motoring Journalists) competition. We won! I say we because this was a team effort between me and Toni! I also want to thank all my friends who supported me – you know who you are. Of course a massive thanks goes out to all the magazines and clients we work with!

The rules of the competition were strict but simple. Nine of the twelve photos must have been published or used by an ad agency in 2013. Then I could add another three photos with no rules.

Unfortunately I could not attend the prize giving last night in Johannesburg as I’m currently in Germany. Thank you SAGMJ for this wonderful prize! I feel honoured.

open category 03

open category 02

open category 01

closed category 08

closed category 09

closed category 07

closed category 05

closed category 06

closed category 04

closed category 03

closed category 01

closed category 02



Thanks Leo Kok for the picture of the award!